World Prayer Assembly Day 3: Impartation

sarah lee

Today was IMPARTATION DAY. More than the messages it was the impartation of the Spirit we got from prayer movement leaders and shakers of nations.

Sentul International Convention Center where we have our plenary sessions

We kicked off our first session with Pastor Ed Silvoso, author of widely read books on National Transformation. Our group had a chance to get a picture with him since we stayed in the same hotel.

Pastor Dick Eastman then shared about how the prayer initiatives around the world has literally transformed nations. The stats and the stories blew me away. Prayer is really a catalyst for change and world missions. When churches start praying God starts moving. That is why Jesus said, “My house will be called a house of prayer for all nations.” 

I attended the track of Transforming the Marketplace and heard Ed Silvoso and his team share their heart and strategies on reaching out to the marketplace. While they were sharing,  my heart was beating fast as if I was in caffeine overload and I knew the Spirit was stirring something in my heart for our local church in San Juan to do something about mobilizing our marketplace people to pray and disciple the businessmen and women and transform our city.

Pastor King Flores of the Philippines shared how the city of Paranaque was transformed through prayer evangelism and discipleship.

Pastor Jerome Ocampo, founder of JREV and fellow Filipino pastor shared in the night’s plenary session about the destiny of this generation. There is something God is doing in our generation. We are called to be world changers. Satan wants this generation dead because he is afraid of what this generation can do when it finds God and finds life in God.

One of the most powerful thing Pastor Jerome Ocampo did was to ask the older generation to pray and ask for forgiveness and the young generation also asking for forgiveness and that the Spirit would unite both generations to work together for transformation.

Was also glad to be with some of our Victory pastors.  A new wave of prayer and glory is coming to Manila. I think all of us received something today.

Also got a chance to talk to Ms. Sarah Lee of South Korea who helped start the  1984 prayer movement that gave birth to the prayer movements we have now. I have hundred more pictures to share and would just blog about more of it tomorrow.