World Conference Day 3: The Persecuted Church


Time flies when you are having fun. I can’t believe it is over. Our 2010 wordl conference went beyond the hype and really imparted a new love for the church, Jesus and the world. I don’t know if there is not a person left untouched by God’s Spirit which was not just moving supernaturally in the event but throughout the world.

I really admire the heroes of our faith. The people who are part of the persecuted church. One lesson I learned is that you can’t stop God and His church through persecution. People who have gone through persecution comes out stronger. Persecution always backfires. If there is a way to stop Christians from making disciples – the route is not persecution but comfort and entertainment.When pastors perform instead of preach, when all people hear is wht their ears want to hear then we cease becoming the church God wants us to be.

Dr Jun Vencer preached on the church’s role in making disciples and it gave me all the more reason to love what I am doing and train other people in church planting and missions.

Pastor Steve’s preaching on HONORING GOD hit home. It was simple but as always powerful. I love how Pastor Steve has not only preached HONORING GOD but really live it out in his marriage, family and leadership.

Did I say I love my church. I love the church. I love my spiritual family. I love my wife and my kids. Life has never been better.

Also glad to see my name in the Philippine Daily Inquirer, check it out here

PS: Pastor Scott Dauma of our Every Nation church in Japan is preaching at Music Museum 3pm and 5pm. See you there