World Conference day 2: Flashy, Glory and a glimpse of heaven


– I am loving this conference. This has been one life changing event.

– attended the morning session on branding for pastors led by Mark Zsech of Hillsongs church. He spoke on the importance of mission, merging the mission and movements that would create momentum. He also taught us about tribal leadership. Learned a lot

-Something I noticed about our speakers which I think applies to leadership: You dont need to be flashy to make a difference. I think the world we live in loves the hype, the hip, the cool. If you dont fit the stereotype, if you are not celebrity material- we aint hearing from you.

– The last 2 days has proven that this thinking stinks. Pastor Grace, Pastor Rice, Efren Penaflorida, Pastor Yesupadama, Jackie and Darlene Zsech are simply amazing, humble and ordinary people used by God.

– Efren, Jackie and Pastor Yesudama all came from poverty. It did not stop them from making a difference. My heart for evangelism, discipleship and changing the world has been ignited in this conference.

Some take home lessons:

Efren’s talk : God can use anyone as long as he pursues the dream and the will God has for Him.

Pastor Yesudama: Share the gospel, share Jesus, get compassion.

Pastor Jackie: my classmate in the school of world missions. I think Jackie’s preaching was the highlight. I love how he shared his testimony of finding Jesus and missionaries pateintly sharing the gospel to him.

Darlene’s talk: I am a worshipper. I am to worship Jesus. I dont need to be a professional to worship and God forbid we become professional worshippers – just be a worshipper.

– we were created not to receive glory but to give glory to God

– speak God’s language. Care.

We ended the night setting a new world record of singing a song “Amazing Grace” in 60 different languages all at the same time

I love this church, I love my wife, I love Jesus