katrina halili, hayden kho and my thoughts


Alec is ordering a Filipina mail order bride.

Dr Hayden Kho is making videos of his sexcapades.

Have we done anything about it? Not the banning of Baldwin or condemning his remark – but with treating our women with utmost respect.

Dr Kho’s video scam is outright dirty and wrong but what surprises me is how Katrina and other women fights for their right when in the first place the act was wrong.

katrina_haliliPeople might say I am old fashioned but I am tired of seeing women being treated as sex objects. I cringe every time I see a sexy woman in the billboards of our major highways, I am saddened every time I see movies where women are mere trophies for the sexual pleasure of men.

I look at my daughter Alyanna (who is now fond of looking at billboards) and ask myself: what is she thinking when she sees those girls posing in their bikinis. I dread the day when our children would be brainwashed that WOMEN ARE SEXUAL OBJECTS.

Even the interviews shows how women who would fight for their right have already lost the battle by allowing men to treat them as such in the first place.

The solution is not just stricter laws or more rallies on the street fighting for women’s right. The church has to start doing its part in educating this nation that WOMEN ARE NOT TO BE LUSTED UPON, THEY ARE MEANT TO BE LOVED AND PROTECTED.

1 timothy 5:1-2

Treat younger men as brothers, 2older women as mothers, and younger women as sisters, with absolute purity.

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