winding down


Busy year, fruitful year, productive year.

Wow… was having dinner with Pastor Chinkee 2 nights ago and he said something that made me realized how blessed I am. He said that looking at the work we did for 2009 – we did quite a lot.Really want to thank all of my team for doing a great job. A phenomenal job!

The transition and merging of our New Manila and Greenhills church to start the year.

The discipleship ministry transitions and the joining of Pastor Jayson to the team.

The joining of Pastor Tito to head up our pastoral care ministry. He had a record breaking 80 counselling this year not counting funerals, baby dedications and weddings.

The emergence of a brand new Campus ministry with Bojo and Ethel. And the transition of Jonas, Chrisitan Dionglay.

The marriage of Arjay and eventually going back to secular work. You the man Arjay!

The many transitional phase of the GET CRAP DONE queen Sheryn. For the past 2 years she has moved roles from being the overall admin of the church, to worship services and finance, to just worship services, to discipleship ministry and events. Hopefully the transition ends 2010.

The addition of Hermie – our finance and newly appointed worship admin.

The addition of Lyka – our kids church admin and pastoral care admin.

The new volunteers that have joined us. We currently have 250 volunteers. That’s 25% of the church.

The launch of Training for Victory headed up by Pastor Jayson and head principal Tito

The ups and downs of running a church. The problems and trials our member faces. The heartaches and the joys of marriages, raising kids, business ventures and closures.

This is a great year! We have a good God. 2 more weeks and 2009 ends.

We are winding down. I’ll be off to a vacation with my family this coming Monday. I’ll be back next year.

Thank you Jesus. I love your church and I love this job!


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