Willing to Pay the Price


“The higher the cost to obtain it, the more valuable we believe it to be. That’s the thematic river that’s running through the book of Acts – the inestimable treasure of Jesus Christ and the exorbitant price His ancient followers were willing to pay because of their relationship with Him.” – Lisa Harper

To follow Jesus is priceless.

When you receive the call to follow Jesus – there is not enough money in the world to compensate the adventure of walking with Jesus.

A man who has been changed by the gospel will never be the same again. He has been changed and transformed. The world might not be able to understand it.

This is how the church was born – radical disciples of Jesus turning the world upside down with the gospel.

To follow Jesus is to make Jesus the Lord of our lives. We no longer call the shots – we serve the King of Kings.

We count the cost of following Jesus. We offer out UTMOST for His Highest. I love how David said, ” I will not offer anything that cost me nothing.”

This is how we should live as Christians.