DL Moody on the Holy Spirit


a word from DL Moody on the Holy Spirit:moody2

“Let others reject, if they will, at their own peril, this imperishable truth. I believe and am growing more into this belief, that divine, miraculous, creative power resides in the Holy Spirit….

Unless He attend the word in power, vain will be the attempt in preaching it. Human eloquence or persuasiveness of speech are the mere trappings of the dead. If the living Spirit be absent, the prophet may preach to the bones in the valley but it must be the breath from heaven that will cause the slain to live…..

If we want the power to quicken our friends who are dead in sin, we must look to God, and not be looking to man to do it. If we look alone to ministers, if we look alone to Christ’s disciples to do this work, we shall be disappointed. If we look to the Spirit of God and expect it to come from Him and Him alone, then we shall honor the Spirit, and the Spirit will do His work.


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