Why We are Scared to Pray and Fast

The praying life reveals the heart.When we pray we are being unmasked. We expose what is inside of us. We become vulnerable to God and ourselves. We don’t like it and we are scared but we know we need to do it.

Only in a praying life do we acknowledge that we have a needy heart. As much as we want the world to see how self reliant we are, we really are not. That is why I always say that prayer mirrors the gospel. It shows to us how helpless we are and to admit it is actually healthy and beneficial to us.

When we are weak, God shows Himself strong.  Dependency is the heartbeat of prayer.

The problem is we are trying to be spiritual to get it right. We know we don’t need to clean up our act in order to become a Christian but when it comes to praying we forget that. We like adults, try to fix ourselves up. In contrast, Jesus wants us to come to him like little children, just as we are.


Come to me all you who have learned how to concentrate in prayer and I will give you rest??? No, it says come to me all of you who are weary and heavy laden. Have you seen a weary and a person carrying a heavy load. Don’t try to get the prayer right; just tell God where you are and what’s on your mind. That’s what little children do. They come as they are, with runny noses and all. Like the disciples they say what is on their mind.

The gospel teaches us that we cannot on our own. That is how we must be when we come to pray.

Enjoy your 5th day of fasting!!!


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