Why the Self-Righteous and the Rebellious Sinner are in the Same Boat

If you read through the story of the Prodigal Son, you would see that there was really no stark difference between the two. Both of them needed the same thing. Both of them needed the same God to save them.

One was a rebellious sinner while the other one was moralistic and legalistic. But their father loved them both, and all the father had belonged to both of them.

This is how the gospel works. It works for the self righteous and moral person and it works for the outright sinner. It hits both the respectable sin and the irrespectable sin. The gospel is no respecter of person. You can be a pastor or a priest or you could be a murderer. We are all in the same plate. We all need the grace of God and apart from Christ we are nothing.

Two sisters, Mary and Martha. One was a busybody and the other was religious. One rarely rests while the other treats every day like a Sabbath. The solution for both is the worship of Jesus.

Two Filipinos. One is a homosexual and shouts it. The other is a practicing evangelical Christian and proud of it. One trust his feelings, the other trusts his actions. Both are in desperate need of Jesus for pretty much the same reason.

Only one solution. Only one message deals with both. The gospel.

Ideas taken from Gospel Wakefulness