why I love the church?

Pastor Jovy Galaraga interviewed me and Pastor Chinkee last week as he is finishing a book for the 25th year anniversary of our church.
– one of the questions he asked is why I have stayed and worked with this church

Here are the top 10 reasons why (not in order of importance and magnitude)

1. the vision – HONOR GOD AND MAKE DISCIPLES IN EVERY GENERATION. It doesn’t get any bigger than that. It was a vision I could fling my life to.

2. the relationships – church became not just a building but a family. I am loving every minute of the time I spend with my friends in church

3. the worship – first time I was in church it blew me away! Cutting edge! At that time we were singing Don Moen songs. (I couldn’t believe Don Moen ROCKS) Later I realized it was the anointing of God among our worship leaders. The presence of God would be so evident week after week.

4. the excellence – clean restrooms, program starts and ends on time, presentable staff and pastors, super excellent!!!

5. the leadership – I’ve never seen such strong and humble leaders in my life. Victory was never about Pastor Steve or Pastor Joey. It was about JESUS.

6. the next generation – putting a premium to the next generation was not just a cliche in church it was a lifestyle.

7. empowered members – we were not watching from the sidelines – we owned it! From the vision, to the core values, to the new projects and church plants – we loved it as if it is ours. Every member is a minister

8. manhood – strong men as example in marriage, business, integrity and purity. I love how we think about men in church and put high value in reaching out to men.

9. unity – i love Victory’s concept of ONE CHURCH, MANY CONGREGATION. Whether you are from Alabang, Greenhills, New Manila, Ubelt, Fort, Ortigas – doesn’t matter. We are ONE CHURCH

10. leadership development – I am a product of the leadership development of the church. I love the wisdom and impartation from leaders who went ahead of us and gave us a chance to shine as well. Thank you for passing the ball to us.