Why I am in Victory


I have been a member of Victory since 1992. I have grown and love this church for a very long time. I was discipled in this church, I was accepted by this church, I was trained and equipped in this church.

I am just grateful that God has placed me in this spiritual family. Every Tuesday morning, I meet with all of the senior pastors of Victory Metro Manila and every week I am blessed with all the wisdom, brotherhood and encouragement I am receiving from the men around me. I think I benefit the most being in that room.

What really amazes me is how some of the greatest men of faith I know would work together as one to bring solid biblical preachings every week and help each other as we lead our own congregation. In my church I am never afraid to make a mistake because I know I am accepted not just in Christ but with my fellow pastors and friends.

I think the culture that is prevalent in our Tuesday morning group is also the same spirit I received from people in church. I am thankful and grateful for church members who fully supports their pastor and the spirit of honor that is exemplified by everyone.

To the Victory Greenhills staff who is like a second family to me and Thammie, thank you very much because work is like play when I am with in the church office.

I am just thankful!!! I am a blessed man!!!