who’s the leader?

The past two weeks is sort of a reassessment of my leadership. Last month we got a really great, convicting PEP talk from Pastor Steve Murrell on leadership. The talk sort of opened a box for our church staff to start reassessing our leadership roles and responsibilities.

A leader is someone who knows what is going to happen. He does not micromanage but he is on top of things ( at times and seasons though he has to manage the tension of micromanaging and empowering). As the pastor (senior or lead), you must pay attention to the details of your weekend service. From the cleanliness of your church, the comfort room, the music being played, the music line up, the ushers and greeters role, the music team’s mix and voices, the technical stuff, the feedbacks of your volunteers, the spiritual atmosphere.

In short, pastoring is not just about preaching. There is another side to leading a church – it is called leadership and management. Hone your leadership skills and management skills and if need be enlist/empower/hire people who can help alongside you in leading and managing.

Pastor, are you on top of things in your church?

CEO and business owners, are you on top of things in your organization?

Parents, are you on top of things in your family?