where is the church in San Juan heading?

– Met up with 13 pastors of San Juan this week and was glad to see my fellow colleagues laboring in our city. I was blessed to see pastors really crying out to God for the city.
– one of the pastors discussed San Juan spiritual atmosphere. As he was sharing, I was so excited because I know 2009 is San Juan’s year!

here are some stats about San Juan
– there are only 200,000 people residing in San Juan. it is the smallest city in Metro Manila
– 10 years ago, there were 34 churches in San Juan. Most of them growing and thriving. As of present, there are only 26 churches in San Juan.
– the average attendance of a church in San Juan is 50-100 people. Having 200 people in your church is considered good.
– the oldest church in San Juan is 85 years old. It has an attendance of less than 200.
– Almost all churches in San Juan are experiencing a membership decline since 2000.
– on a Sunday there are 6000 Christians worshiping in church (conservative estimate) which means there are more shoppers in Greenhills than Christians on a Sunday.
– San Juan has only 3% bible believing Christian.

Here are some good news:

– of the 26 churches in San Juan – some churches are experiencing exponential growth in the past year.
– JIL Music Museum has added 2 more afternoon services because there morning services are SRO. JIL is headed by Pastor Joey Guerrero.
– our Victory church in Greenhills has experienced a 90% growth since last December. The numbers we have are nothing to be proud of, but if we would just continue to HONOR GOD and MAKE DISCIPLES then we could make a dent in the city.
– the San Juan pastor’s association (APOI) is in the forefront of making Jesus famous in the city of San Juan again. I am proud to be part of the APOI movement. No one church can dominate a city.
– open doors among the schools and the city officials of San Juan. I could feel it happening already. We are currently having talks of training the youth leaders of the city.
– Pray for us – 2009 is going to be a great year for San Juan churches!!!

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