where are we going?

Had a terrific night with some singles and young couples in church last night. Ever since starting the church God has really given us the burden (drive, the call, the grace or whatever you might want to call it) to reach the next generation. I am not just talking about students and the youth but also the NEXT business people, politicians, movers of this nation.

I have wrestled so much with the thought of having a church with young leaders evidently taking up leadership position. I have wrestled with the thought if having a church designed to attract people ages 13 to 40. I have wrestled to push thru and make it real intentional to go this route.

We have attracted a number of older people in church and the reason being is that their kids want to attend church in Greenhills. We have seen an influx of new young people, singles and couples in church.


more than that what excites me is the fact that I have heard countless stories of our generation lost and wanting to make things right but they don’t have a clue on how to do it. From starting a business, courting a girl, building a strong marriage foundation, moving from party to reality stage. I am blessed to have mentors who guided me through the transitions my wife and I had from our youthful years to our family life.

what excites me is that a generation that went ahead of us are given an opportunity to leave a legacy for the next generation.

what excites me is the opportunity for the next generation to practice godly leadership.
what excites me is the opportunity to work with these people
what excites me is the journey we will go through to make this happen.

God thank you for this opportunity. We are pumped!

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