When would Numbers count?

One of the major struggle of a pastor is to make it a numbers game. How big is your church is usually the first greeting. I find it weird that a lot of times we measure our success with numbers.

I was once talking with someone about how a certain pastor has grown the church to 200. He felt sad that it was stuck there. I gently reminded him that maybe God has called him to pastor 200 people and if it goes beyond that, he would lose his effectiveness. I believe God is happy that he has pastor the church and has led it to where it is now. It is being faithful to your leadership abilities and your calling.

For pastors who are obsessed with numbers let me give you a proper perspective of numbers.

If you look at people as numbers, then you got it all wrong. Instead you have to look at the numbers you have as people. Every number has a story. Every number is a person who has experienced the love of God and the gospel is currently transforming them.

If you look at numbers this way, then you don’t get pressure to crunch the numbers but you walk with the people God has put under your wings. You cry with this people, you rejoice with this people. They are not mere numbers. They are a story.