When Bad Things Happen

Today was not my usual day. I got a text from a school mate if I was free to visit the hospital because her 3 month old baby was diagnosed with a rare disease where her skeletal system is not growing while her organs continues to grow which means her lungs and her heart has a hard time working. Doctors has given the baby a few months to live.I was being asked to dedicate the baby to the Lord.

As I step in the hospital I felt really heavy. It always happens when I do hospital visitations. The last place I want to be in is the hospital. When the parents arrived, we were ushered in the pediatric ICU and what I saw broke my heart. Babies in really bad situations. I prayed for the family, for the baby and for God’s miraculous power to heal and do a creative miracle.

When bad things happen to people – what do you say? What do you do? Honestly I don’t know. I just prayed and cried with the family. I could try to give you some theological answers why – like man’s sinful nature who have neglected God for centuries. Easy answers but something you can’t really say or pin down as absolute truth for the present situation the grieving family is facing.

I went out of the hospital crying. I cry for my friend who is juggling work, his studies, his fatherhood and husband responsibility to pay for the hospital bill and to face the fact that unless a miracle happens his baby is going to die. I cry for the wife who loves her daughter and has been sacrificially taking care of her while going to work. I pray that she won’t blame herself for what has happened to her daughter.

First thing I did was call my wife after the hospital visit – to tell her how much I love her and Jesus and my daughters. Sometimes we neglect the blessings we have received till you see somebody else going through a much tougher time.

I pray for my friend’s family. I pray that they remain strong in this tougest season of their lives. I pray that God in His sovereignty would shower His grace and peace to them. When bad things happen to someone you know – all we can do is pray and stand with them.

Today – I have no pat answers. Might never have one.

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