What’s up with the senior pastor thing?

– what’s up with the senior pastor thing? I don’t get it. People come up to you and say WOW you are now a senior pastor. Met some of my high school teachers (whom i dearly love) and was telling me how proud they are now that I am a senior pastor.
– not that it annoys me BUT it bothers me for the ff reasons:

1. When I was a youth pastor nobody said WOW you are NOW a youth pastor. Hey its the same job! We pastor people. Youth pastors are some of the most unsung, unappreciated people in the world (though not in my church).
2. Some think that youth ministry is a stepping stone to senior pastorship. This is a mindset straight from the bottomless pit of hell ( sorry for the symbol- just came from a kevin conner seminar). Youth ministry is real ministry. If you are a pastor trying to make youth ministry your entry point…tsk tsk tsk. Don’t even try.
3. Senior pastors are not more anointed. Had my share of stories of people not wanting to be prayed for because I was a youth pastor. Senior, Associate or youth pastor who cares? we pray to the same God.

This blog is a SHOUT OUT to all the youth pastors, campus workers and people who love serving Jesus through the youth ministry.

Some great youth ministers in the world

Bojo Bonifacio – Victory Greenhills
Armin the Dagger Rapper Torculas- reaches out to punks, rockers, skaters and hiphoppers
Bong Navarro – Caloocan’s finest. Youth Ministry Veteran

Cesar Bordalda – Mandaue’s pride
Christian Flores – Youth Scholar
Christian and Mye – one of the finest youth ministry couples.
Joseph Bonifacio – what can I say – one of my favorites!
LA MUMAR – Every Nation Campus Director
Patrick Mercado – Youth Ministry is Discipleship

Other youth pastors who rarely or don’t blog
King Lucero, Marc Constantino, Ryan Tan, Miko Tangco, Keith Deloria, Robert Gonzales!

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