what’s a dud

86 Buff Guy

A dud doesn’t know what he wants.

A dud has no direction and vision.

A dud has debts and no financial peace.

A dud still depends heavily on mama.

A dud never thinks.

A dud always thinks and never acts.

A dud can’t make decisions.

A dud marries you and still remains a bachelor.

A dud has no time for home.

A dud is spiritually empty.

A dud reads his bible, prays everyday and still lives a double life.

A dud lets his wife provide for the family

A dud always answers I don’t know

A dud marries you and never leaves his parents.

A dud never dates his wife

A dud is never looked up to by his family. He might be famous outside his home though.

A dud looks at porn to satisfy his sexual cravings because he can’t get a real girl who would marry him.

A dud has no convictions

A dud is surrounded by duds.

A dud makes a bad dad.

86 Buff Guy

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