Whatever it Takes


Leadership is never about you.

That is what I learned years ago when I started serving in our church Victory and see how the leadership culture exemplified by our leaders.

I am blessed to see this at work first hand in our church. To be amongst heroes of the faith, I have seen how there is always that spirit of doing whatever it takes the fulfill the greater vision that God has for the church.

It really doesn’t matter what position of leadership – the bottomline is how I can serve the organization better.

One of the lines we would often hear from senior leaders of our church is “WE SERVE AT THE PLEASURE OF THE TEAM.”

It has always been a team ministry. I was talking to a pastor of a large church and he said that one of the things that stands out when you hear the word Victory is that there is no name that stands out.

It isn’t about any name of a person or pastor but only the name of Christ that is glorified. I believe a major factor at play in this kind of culture is humility. When you see the movement’s founder not care whether he is known or not – it trickles down to the other players in the team.

One classic story that I am reminded of is from our Asia Director Pastor Jun Escosar. If there is someone who has been moved in different positions in different seasons of our movement – it would be Jun Escosar. He started out as a campus missionary, a church planter, a senior pastor, a school director, a missionary, the heads of the missions department, then move to other positions. For Pastor Jun, it doesn’t really matter what position he is in as long as it helps the overall vision of the church.

My sister who travelled to a restricted nation one time recalled how he saw Pastor Jun at work. Hours before the service started, Pastor Jun, the missions head of Every Nation ministries, was fixing the chairs and to serve the people who will be coming. This is aside from the fact that he was the preacher that morning. My sister was amazed not because Pastor Jun was carrying the chair but the spirit of servant leadership that he exemplified.

WE SERVE AT THE PLEASURE OF THE TEAM. In a healthy leadership environment, there is no holding to one position but rather a whatever it takes attitude, functioning for the greater good of the movement.

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