What’chu think?

If you have a team of linchpins, innovators and leaders – you need to ask a very important question to them everytime you are in the verge of making a decision.

What’chu think?

Because they will tell you what they think. They are not afraid to tell you what is on their mind. That is what I love about our pastoral meetings. They tell me what they think. Sometimes I don’t even have to ask them what they think. They pounce on the ideas, block some of the ideas, debate on some ideas, think of new ideas.

Pastor Jayson – our discipleship pastor plays our devil’s advocate ( in a heavenly way). I love having Jayson on the team bacause he asks, questions and think of ways to challenge the prevailing ideas. At times the conversation heats up. Larry and Tito then joins and makes the conflict worse and healthy.

Sometimes I back off to listen to every idea or insight that the team has. A lot of times I smile and think ” Wow, I’ve got a great team who thinks.”

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