What we can Learn From OKC and Miami

dennis sy chinkee tan

Two great teams. Different philosophies in building a championship team.

Miami is built on superstars that assembled to be a championship team. Get the best out there and let them play together.

OKC is built on home grown talents. Let us build slowly and develop our talents till they mature and gel together – then we get a winning team.

When building a team – pastors tend to look at the draft pool – seminaries and pastors from other churches to build their team. It is the easier (not easy) and short term route. Personally in my humble opinion, the setting is not as effective especially if your team is import laden and not built on a certain culture. Some churches thrive in this setting but it would take a lot of undoing and agreeing on certain culture and practices.

The OKC way is to build on what you have. The pastor is forced to look at his present line up and disciple and mentor them to leadership. He looks at what each one can offer and the giftings they possess and try to work on that. It is a slower and harder process but what you get are homegrown players who knows the culture, whose been through hard times, who have bonded in the midst of challenges and victories.

How are you building your championship team?



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