what to wear?

If you know me – I hate fashion! I hate to think what to wear or as what my wife would say -“WHAT NOT TO WEAR”.
– Whether we like it or not we pastors are public figures. People look to us and they look at us. Some non Christians coming to church would look at what the pastor is wearing and would make a decision whether they would stay in this church or not. Our clothes would say a lot. Before we even go up to preach, people would try to size us up.
– If given a choice I would come in church wearing my favorite “HELL NO?” Shirt and my favorite shorts but I can’t.
– clothes today are not expensive you just have to know where to buy them. but if you are buying expensive clothes treat it as an investment.
– so how do i know what clothes to wear?
a. would the clothes I am wearing fit the crowd I want to reach?
b. would the clothes I wear contribute to the overall atmosphere I want to happen?
c. are my clothes presentable?
d. would my wife allow me to go on stage with this clothes?
e. have I wore this clothes 3x in a row? if you answered yes, pls buy new clothes.
f. don’ wear metrosexual clothes if you are a guy. sorry i just hate metrosexual styles. theyre just too clean and something is just wrong. I would rather wear shorts than be metrosexual on a Sunday. maybe its just me!

ps: this are my personal opinions and i am not in anyway a fashion guru. also if anyone wants to apply to beome my fashion designer pls get in touch with me.