What time is it?


If there is one common denominator that humans have – it’s our TIME. We all have 24 hours every day. No matter how hard you pray you can’t make it 25 or 26 hours. People say time is precious. People say it is how you manage time. People say…… but do they really do time management?

Yes I am one of the guilty ones who sucks at time management. I say I will manage but I end up not. Last night was a good example. We were in bed 9pm. ( we usually sleep 12mn) but because I can’t sleep I end up sleeping at around 12mn again. AAARGHH!

I am about to finish a book about time management by Brian Tracy entitled Time Power (click to buy the book here) and flipping timepowerthrough the pages made me more convinced that my problem is not busyness but time management so today I decided to start applying the principles I learned from the book.

The book emphasized that a clean workspace saves you so much time so I went to my office and cleaned up my workspace. Got rid of all the junk mails, scratch papers, ancient preaching papers and the like. Sorted out my things to make life easier for me.

While cleaning I was listening to an Andy Stanley podcast that got me so excited that I am convinced that we are months away to start another church service. More on this on another blog.

Brian Tracy also mentioned that uninvited guests were time wasters so we made a policy in our new office ( address withheld so we won’t have uninvited guests popping up, haha!) that there would be no visitors allowed and that we do our pastoral care duties and friendly chit chat outside our work space environment.

I did had a pastoral care duty today and was pissed off because I was not strict with the time I alloted for the session. I think my compassion trumps over my sense of time ( well allow the rookie to make some mistake), but did my duty to inform her that when we went overtime I only had a few more minutes left before my next appointment.

I am getting the hang of this time management thing and I only have 12 more minutes for my blog and facebook before I get back to my hour of reading before I call it a day.

So see you tomorrow….

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