What is a Win?

We had a great time last night in our leadership meeting. We had around 60 church leaders attend our 1st meeting for the year. We entitled our leadership series “VISIONEERING” as we are in the process of engineering the vision God has given our church.Our goal last night was to make sure the church is winning and we defined to our leaders what it means to score.

Here is a list of what is a WIN for us when it comes to our worship services:

1. We are engaging the lost in our services.
2. We are not ashamed to invite people to our service.
3. Changed lives – marriages, business, family, relationships, school.
4. Spiritual gifts of every member is being used in serving Jesus.

This is what a WIN for us is in terms of making disciples:

ENGAGE – investing in relationships and inviting them to the service or in our small groups
ESTABLISH – getting them established in small groups and continuous building of relationships.
EQUIP – training them to do ministry and getting them to our leadership group meetings
EMPOWER – releasing them to engage the culture with the gospel of Christ and to make disciples.

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