What if your preaching sucked?

– One of the worst things that could happen to a pastor on a sunday worship service is if his preaching was not what he expected it to be – in simple terms “it sucked!”
– I’ve been preaching for more than 10 years and to to tell you honestly I have had my huge share of bad preaching. During the early days of my youth ministry stint, I could see people snoring, sleeping and dreaming while I was preaching.
– I remember Howard Hendricks say “It is a sin to bore your people with the Bible” so I strive hard to improve my skills.
– with prayer, practice and PREPARATION, I started getting the groove (sorry couldn’t think of a spiritual term, but you guys get what I’m saying)
– Last Sunday was a tough one. I was tired the whole week and was absent from church last week because my wife gave birth to our 2nd daughter, Mikaela, who is so beauiful!
– I preached an insightful challenging message at the 4pm but felt like i did not connect. I’m not sure if it was me or the crowd but after the service, Pastor Chinkee approached me and we kind of tweaked the message a little bit.
– After that Pastor Lee also gave some suggestions on how I could improve on my message. I am just thankful for the team who had the guts to tell me something was wrong with my message. I did some more consultations from some of our leaders and got to fix the message for the 6pm service.

Some insights for the clueless preachers out there:

1. Run your message for that day to someone. I usually practice in front of my wife so she could evaluate the message. That week we were not able to do that.
2. PREPARATION. Prepare, prepare, prepare.
3. Ask the Holy Spirit to anoint you.
4. Keep it simple. Don’t have too many points. I think I had so many points last Sunday and was not able to give a take home point or ONE BIG IDEA for the crowd.
5. Get feedback and be secure about it.

Postscript: 6pm went well……… can’t wait for next Sunday

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