What Gospel Saturated Life looks like

This is what it means to live a gospel-saturated life: it means being so conscious of the greatness of the gospel that changing diapers or cutting the grass is as much as an act of worship as singing a praise chorus in a church service.

When we plant Christ’s flag in the dirt of our daily lives, committing his days to his lordship, two things happen.

First, we become conscious of how we use our day. The second thing a gospel saturated life produces is more Christ-consciousness throughout the day. We develop a deeper sensitivity for God’s sovereignty.

Every act, no matter how menial, can be an act of worship because every act can be done in gratitude and prayer and commitment to the glory of God.

Sinclair Ferguson writes, is that we are “doing the natural thing spiritually, and the spiritual thing naturally.”

Taken from one of my favorite books Gospel Wakefulness