what do I do with all my papers?


This week i did the unlikely thing that I tried postponing for almost 10 years. I was cleaning my desk when I saw my preachings SuperStock_1555R-177001filed up in a clear book for the past 10 years. I looked at it and reminisce for 2 long minutes and decided to do something drastic and fruitful, I THREW IT AWAY!!!! DUNKED IT ON MY TRASH CAN!!!

One of the best time management tool in your office is what you call a trashcan, waste basket, basura.

Why? Because I haven’t touched it for the past 10 years. It just multiplies. it never ends. It eats up my drawer and my files. Ask yourself: Will I use this for future reference? If I threw this away would it have any negative consequences? If ever I needed information could I get it somewhere else?

If your answer is NO – then time to put it in the BIN.