We’ve only just began

– VCF Greenhills has finally launched! Sunday was awesome. We had 800+ people attend our services – 4pm and 6pm. A great start – a fantabulous start!
– How in the world could you start a church with 800 people? – Don’t ask me – ask the volunteers.
– Church plant in the past is way different from today. I have heard of church planting teams composed of 2 to 5 people only. – that’s the husband (pastor), the wife (the unpaid pastor) and the kids.
– Before we started the church we started recruiting people to be part of the team. To our surprise we have at least 100 passionate leaders who signed up for the task.
– Some volunteered for a season, some for long term, some for training and mentoring the next ministry heads.
– I appreciate all the VCF churches in Metro Manila. I really felt like this was one big family meeting in different locations. We have members from the Fort, Ortigas, Alabang, and etc who volunteered to help us.
– Our volunteers were so pumped up last Sunday. It was as if we drank a whole case of RED BULL. Nove was awesome in worship, the ushers were extra friendly, the technical team were way too excellent, the logistics were freakin good ( Mark Driscollism) you should know this if you are a certifed clueless church planter.
– pls check our pics at www.vcfgreenhills.multiply.com