Wet in San Juan


Today San Juan celebrated its festival. Every year San Juan celebrates it by getting wet literally. This year with the invitation of Mayor elect Guia Gomez we were able to join and got wet.

Still dry as we took our picture with Mayor Guia Gomez. I am excited with the new leadership change in San Juan. Also in the picture is Roy and Therese – daughter of Ms Guia Gomez and a member of our church.

With my wet crew at the back of the pick up. Gelo, Monty and Pastor Bojo was drenched all throughout. The first minute we went out the street, they were greeted by liters of water.

I love this shot by Pastor Larry. He was being targeted by his very own son. As we were driving through San Juan I was praying that God would have  a mighty visitation in the city. The people are thristy for genuine change and only God can quench their thirst.

God bless San Juan!!!

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