Wednesday with Dennis

I think yesterday deserves a blog. So many things happened, so many lessons learned. Took down some mental notes of the life changing principles I’ve learned and we haven’t even started the WORLD CONFERENCE

– started the day with an International Staff Meeting. People from every nation in one room. You have to love the picture. Every tribe, people and language – worshiping the same God.

– Senator Honasan’s welcome speech was awesome. God is alive and amazing. He can change hearts.

-Pastor Jim Laffoon’s preaching on a decade of heaven. Growth, spiritual movements that will change the world, God-shaking events, church multiplication. Gearing up for a decade of harvest and grace.

– The warning were timely as well:

    • “When God touches something, don’t take the credit; fall down on your face and be thankful.”
    • “Be careful that you don’t get overwhelmed by the growth – don’t get hurt along the way.

– He then gives 2 determinations

1. Draw closer to Christ!

“We’ve stay so connected to our technology that I wonder if we still are connected with God.”

“Podcasts, websites, twitter, sermon helps are great but don’t let it be a God-replacement.”

“I’m afraid sometimes that technology has mastered us.”

2. Walk under the covering of God.

Pray for His protection. Build prayer shields.

– then headed for lunch with our Iloilo pastoral team and staff. Great bunch of people led by Pastor Keith. They have just experienced a 100% growth in their service for the past year. God is moving in the city of Iloilo.

– Afternoon breakout session were I was given the privilege to share the story of our church and ” Effective Multi-site, multi-service principles” with fellow church planters Pastor Mike Cantrell and Pastor Roger Pierce.

– while sharing our story and the principles I have learned along the way I can’t help but thank God for placing me in this spiritual family. I am blessed to be part of Every Nation and Victory. I love how pastors support and love each other. How the church is literally changing the world.

– Thammie attended the talk on “Discipleship@Home” with  speakers Pastor David and Sandy Houston, Paolo Punzalan and Mommy Coach Jenn Punzalan. We discussed the things she learned and I had to personally assess how I was doing as a parent.

– I was scheduled to attend our Campus Mixer but went home first to take a little rest. Had a talk with Alyanna and she said that I am not always home. We have been packing and now unpacking our stuff as we move to a new place. I knew that when she said that I wasn’t home all the time – it was a red flag moment for me so I decided to stay and play with the kids.

– Our Wednesday service did well and our small groups continue to grow as Pastor Jayson and Pastor Chinkee leads our Wednesday service. Glad to have a great team.

– Slept so early that I woke up before 6am. I think I need to sleep early more often.

– really excited for our conference tonight

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