vintage preaching


here are some more lessons I am learning and currently applying as I read the book VINTAGE CHURCH by Mark Driscoll

6 questions as I prepare my message

1. The Biblical Question: What does Scripture say?

– full concentration on the passage

– read different translations  – ESV, NKJV, NIV –

2. The Theological Question: What does Scripture mean?

– interpret what is said so that we know what it means pic

3. The Memorable Question: What is my Hook?

– it could be a word, image, concept, doctrine, emotion.

– It makes your message memorable. –

– LA Mumar terms it your HANDLE

4. The Apologetical Question: Why do we resist this truth?

– people will not simply embrace the truth because they are sinners

– predict their objections so we can answer the truth and remove their resistance to get them to embrace God’s truth

– confrontational and hit a nerve. OUCH! is what you want to hear from the people at this point.

5. The Missional Question: Why does this matter?

– why is this important and urgent?

– Connect Scripture to God’s character, the nature of the gospel, mission in our city, quality of our lives.

– Lost people go to church and they want to hear what we stand for. I connect Scripture with my date night, my disciplining my kids, my daddy dates, my dad’s upbringing, how I handle sexual temptation, how I handle finances.

– you want them to know that the Word helps me in my life.

6. The Christological Question: How is Jesus the hero?

– Jesus connects the seeker and the believer. – The more you talk about Jesus – you hit both hearers.