Unusual Day

Got a call 630am in the morning that one of our neighbors attending church needed pastoral help. Their household help is being possessed by demons. I was there by 745am and declared God’s deliverance over the lady possessed by demons. My dilemna was that I had a preaching engagement at 9am in Quezon City so I had to cut short praying for the girl and asked some people in church to help sub for me. Great to have a church with people who loves casting out demons.

Preached at Christian Bible Church in the Philippines – it is a Chinese church situated in Talayan Village. First time to preach in a Chinese church with an interpeter. Just want to thank the Revered Jeremiah Chueng for trusting me with his pulpit. I preached on the book of Colossians and how Christ completes us and how His grace transforms us.

Went home to my wife Thammie and learned that the doctor ordered total bed rest for her. So no more Avengers with wifey.

Hurried to my 2pm Victory group with some of the men in our church. Always encouraged how they are growing in the gospel and God’s grace. Excited to see our group multiply as we make disciples.

Preached in our 4pm and 6pm. We had to close the doors in our 4pm service because there was no more room for people to sit in. When we started emphasizing discipleship – the church grows. Preached with my COAT on for the first time in Greenhills since it was the same attire I had this morning. (Feeling sharp!!!)

God is good. I love this job, I love my wife and I love Jesus.