unsung heroes


They are often neglected. Not only unsung but most of the time unseen but at the end of every worship experience – they are the most tired, wiped out, exhausted people. I am not talking about our ushers, or our tech team, or the music team. I am not even talking about me – though I feel that way almost every Sunday but nothing compared to how this guys give their best in serving Jesus and His church.

I am talking about our janitors and cleaners. The main reason the Victory center in Greenhills is spotless all week round, and the music hall we are renting is in tip top shape, and the props and materials are packed week in and week out…. they deserve the credit.

To our janitors and cleaners – thank you for serving and giving it all and going beyond the call of duty. You are heroes.

On pic: Mr Eveready Erwin and Mr. Dependable Kjun

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