Under Grace

This blog is dedicated for all church leaders, church planters and pastors out there.

One of the things that I have learned as I preach the gospel to myself everyday is that grace of God is applicable to every area of my life. I am preacher of the gospel that has changed and transformed me. I also move in the grace of God by the grace of God.

Let me repeat my last line: I move in the GRACE OF GOD by the GRACE OF GOD. Once the gospel transforms you, it changes you for the better. Once the gospel grabs a hold of you, it changes your ministry. It energizes you, it pumps you up, it liberates you.

At the same time there is a great temptation for people who have experience the grace of God to move in the opposite spirit of grace. What do I mean? Because of our desire to move in the grace of God, sometimes we pride in our experience of grace and look down on people who are living under the law.

I have seen this at work with other preachers of so called “grace” and move not in the spirit of grace. Sounds oxymoronic but it is true. The temptation to preach against churches and other pastors in our preaching is not really exemplifying grace. I wrote this because I also have the tendency to do this and it is actually a note to myself.

I also am under authority which means God has placed me in a spiritual family that loves me and protects me. Every pastor is on a journey of God’s grace and story the same way I will journey in understanding the gospel till the day I die. As preachers of the gospel, let us be careful not to take pride in GRACE. Let us move in the spirit of honor and humility and not divide the shepherds to preachers of the law vs preachers of grace.

We have but one gospel. Our goal is to educate and preach the gospel but not in the expense of tearing other ministries down.

I move in the GRACE OF GOD by the GRACE OF GOD. I preach the GOSPEL by the GRACE OF GOD. I live the gospel by the GRACE OF GOD.

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