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NOTE: picture posted here is NOT Thammie’s tummy!

While we were shopping at Rustans 2 years ago, I saw a product called STRETCHMARK remover. Wow, I can’t believe it a cream that could remove stretch marks. My wife wanted to buy one just in case she gets one after pregnancy. I told her she doesn’t have to. When she asked me why, I gave her my uncensored answer.

1. The cream is too expensive. Haha! but it is. But she said she is paying it using the gift certificate we got.
2. Stretch marks is a sign of beautiful motherhood. Well the 2nd one is the real reason why I think she doesn’t need one.

33-week pregnant stretch marks_xha8YbfC85w5

A lot of women who gave birth ask the same questions to their husband – am I still beautiful even if I have all this excess fat? am I still beautiful even if I have all this stretchmarks that I got from my pregnancy?

The answer is an ABSOLUTE YES! That makes you more beautiful! Mommy you are beautiful. Stretch marks, excess fats after pregnancy is a sign of beautiful motherhood. Motherhood makes you more beautiful. It gives you a different aura. So be proud because MOMS are BEAUTIFUL.

“Many women do noble things, but you surpass them all.”  Proverbs 31:29

To my mom who gave birth to 6 beautiful kids – you are beautiful

To my wife who will give birth to 7 more kids – you are so beautiful!

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