We live in a very sensual and sexual world. Let’s admit it. Be it movies, magazine covers, porn sites, billboards, primetime shows – almost all of the products of this world sells one thing: Sensuality.

Sexy, half naked women lying on a car, a jeans where the women’s butt is the center of attraction, a shirt where they highlight the breast, a health bar where the girl is sensually telling you “men will go to bed with you when you eat this health bar”, movie trailers that entices you with hot passionate love scenes, noontime shows where girls in their two piece outfit dances and shout AW! all sells sensuality and sex.

And we still wonder why more girls are getting pregnant this days? Why your daughter sleeps around with his classmates? Why your son is having sex with a prostitute? Why you caught your 10 year old surfing internet porn? Why is this happening?

Here are 3 reasons I can think of:

1. We allow it to happen.

In the spirit of liberalism, we allow our kids to watch questionable movies, read sensual magazines, go out of the house in their underwear or should I call it micro skirts. Church pulpits has been silent about the issue of purity and holiness thus communicating it is not that important anymore. Some fear that we might get too legalistic about it so we swung to the other side of the pendulum and thus become more lenient that it led this generation to follow the patterns that culture has preached to us.

2. We ( the older generation) also are into it.

The big problem is when dad or mom are as sensual as the actors we see in the movies or the cover girls in our favorite magazine. We as Christians need to understand that we can impart righteousness and we can also impart the spirit of lust and sensuality to our kids.

I have seen 40/50 year old moms still wearing skimpy dresses or plunging shirts or dress that would showcase their cleavage or dads in a magazine stand browsing through some soft porn magazine while their kids stand beside them. We have to remeber our action speaks louder than our words.

3. Being sensual is the effect of something else

We have to ask ourselves: Why do we do the things that we do? Why do we try to be or look sensual? Is there insecurity? Is there a need for affirmation?

Going sensual is not the answer. Going to Jesus is. Jesus eliminates your insecurity by giving you an identity. Jesus eliminates your need for affirmation because he affirms us with His unconditional love. I hope you could experience what I am saying here some day. I recommend we check our hearts and ask God if there is anything He has to work in our lives?


I could still remember when an 80 year old grandma preacher visited our house when I was still in high school. She was a very famous preacher and after her talk a young lady who was wearing a revealing shirt ask her – How do I become closer to Jesus? She looked at her and said – Change your shirt.

Not that God looks at our shirt but revealing shirts would make it harder for men to focus on Jesus so do us a favor and change your shirt.

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