People ask me – how could you manage to spend time with your family, lead a church, prepare a message, have coffee with your leaders, read 2-3 books a month, blog almost everyday. How do you do that? Do you really have time to do all those things?

Here is my answer: You are asking the wrong question. What you need to be asking is what I do not do so that I could do what I am supposed to do?

– I don’t watch TV.

– I don’t play any applications in Facebook

– I don’t plurk

– I quit reading comics

– I don’t chat online

– I don’t accept work outside my job as a pastor

– i don’t counsel a lot of people, we have Pastor Tito doing that.

– I don’t officiate weddings unless they are my close friends – we let Pastor Tito do that as well. Thanks Pastor Tito!

– I don’t say Yes all the time.

Leadership is knowing what you need to do and what you should stop doing it and delegating it to other people who could do the job better.

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