I just finished a wonderful book by Seth Godin, “TRIBES, we need you to Lead us.” A powerful book that fascinated and reignited my passion to study culture being a graduate of Social Studies and Behavioral Sciences.

Godin zeroed in that millions of tribes exist today but NO ONE IS LEADING THEM.

Sounds like the people are crying out for change and transformation thus forming tribes.
The question is who wants to lead those tribes.

We have facebook tribes, multiply tribes, hiphop tribes, artist tribes, athletes tribes, wine lovers tribe, nationalistic tribes, money maker tribes, single mom’s tribe, shopaholic tribes, nursing tribes, doctor’s tribe, pastor’s kids tribe ( I hope you get the point)

We’ve heard of “birds of the same feather flock together.” Fish form schools.


If we understand this sociological concept, we can as church planters become more effective in reaching our culture.

What tribe are you trying to reach?

To illustrate my point, here are the tribes found in our church in Greenhills

1. CHINESE TRIBE – our church is consist of 30-40% chinese. Why is this so? Because of the simple fact that I am Chinese and that Greenhills is a little CHINATOWN.

2. SINGLES TRIBE – Our 5pm service consists of 50% singles. Fresh graduates, young professionals, people ages 20-35. It is amazing to see that our kids church attendance for our 5pm service is small. Our church as a whole consists of 50% singles. (aged 16-35)

3. YOUNG COUPLES TRIBE – Newly married couples in our church is increasing. Judging at the look of our services – we have around 35% of them in church.

4. COLLEGE TRIBE – our 3pm service is full of life and energy because of this tribe. Numbering around 150 college students every Sunday that sits in one area of our church. When worship starts, you could feel the presence of this tribe. They shout, they jump, they PARTY!!!! Our friday night event – THRIBE! caters to this tribe.

5. PINOY TRIBE – our New Manila campus is currently attracting a lot of people who are inclined to experience a totally TAGALOG preaching and worship experience. We currently have 250 people every Sunday that tribes every morning.

6. BUSINESS TRIBE – lastly are the shop owners of Greenhills, the financially savvy, the businessmen and women in church. They might be the smallest tribe in church but they carry a lot of influence because of their success in the business world.

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