Prior to the 8th month of our church, some elders ( mature people) approached me and told me about a concern they have in how the church is run. This people who approached me were some of the most sold out, loyal, God-minded people you could ever ask for in a member of a church. Their concern was that they wanted me to preach more often in church.

At that time I was scheduled to preach 3x a month and then we invite guests pastors to preach or Pastor Chinkee to fill up my slot. The concern was they needed to see me up in the pulpit more often because they said I was leading this church.

I contemplated real hard on what they have to say and beleive me I have some good reasons why I only preach 3x a month. After much thought, I went to my mentor, Pastor Joey – senior pastor of Victory Fort, and ask about his opinion about it.

He then started explaining the concept of TRIBES. The main thesis of this concept was that people need someone to lead them. A tribal leader to unite them.

On this aspect, I was not fulfilling the mandate given to me as the tribal leader. Our Greenhills people were at a lost. They were clamoring for someone to lead them.

I talked to our pastoral team about the concern and we agreed to focus on building the GH tribe. I would take a more active role in becoming the tribal leader.

Pastors here is what I learned. Our people needs to see an obvious leader and a person who would lead them. We have to build TRUST with our people (our tribe).

We have to instill an atmosphere of a tribal group. The stronger the tribe is the more effective it becomes.

How to be a TRIBAL LEADER:

1. Take the lead in creating the atmosphere of where you want the church to go.
2. Communicate your leadership. Let people know you are the leader.
3. Lead courageously. Take RISKS. Champion the cause of your church.
4. Preach more often on your worship services. Experiment on guest speakers when the tribe is intact.
5. Live by the maxim that DISCIPLESHIP IS RELATIONSHIP.

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