In the tradition of Dr. Laura’s book, I am writing a series of blog on TOP 10 THINGS PASTORS DO TO MESS UP THEIR LIVES. Trust me, we do stupid things.

1. Neglect his time with God and the Bible.

The life source of every Christian is the presence of God in his life and the Bible. Neglect personal worship and reading the Bible means you are cutting of the life source of your faith and your ministry. I am a firm believer that MINISTRY IS THE EXPRESSION OF YOUR INTIMACY WITH GOD.

2. When we start building our image rather than our CHARACTER.

Pastors must not ask what would people think of me or my family if we do this or this? Would it please my tithers if I make a decision? Would it drive away some people in church if I do this. RATHER ask what would Jesus think of my decision? Would Jesus be happy with this? Would it please Jesus if I push through with this decision.

God is more concern with our character than our ministry.

3. Stop growing as a leader.

This is tough! Being a church planter and a pastor is no easy job. We are not just called to preach and pastor but to lead. Start getting mentors and reading books on leadership so you will be prepared to face the challenges ahead. Here are a list of books I am reading, click here