This would not be in order but here are the local bloggers I follow everyday…..iStock_blog_graphic-300x270

1. The Passion Engineer – one of the best youth/ campus ministry pastor to ever work on the planet. Bojo is a passion evangelist and the youth pastor of Victory Greenhills.

2. Financial Guru (no exaggeration) Randell Tiongson – if you want quality blogs on finance – you have to read Randell’s blog. It is no-nonsense approach to personal finance.

3. Paolo Punzalan – lead pastor of Victory Fort. Insights are amazing. Blogs are amazing. The FAMILY MAN! Most of the things I’ve learned regarding marriage and family I’ve learned from this guy.

4. Larry Uy – kids church pastor of Victory Greenhills, my buddy (gym, food and etc). His blogs make me reflect on life, my wife, and my…..knife????? para lang rhyme..

5. Carlo Ople – internet marketing guru, the Seth Godin of the Philippines, future President of this nation – 100% value blogs. If you love to read about politics, internet marketing, and food check his site.

6. Ganns Deen. Filipino.Christian.Blogger. Musician. Creative Genius. Pop Culture.

7. Thammie Sy, my wife. Blog on parenting, being a great wife and loving a great hsband like me.

8. Ariel Marquez – senior pastor of Victory Alabang one of the fastest growing churches in the Philippines. He talks about faith, family and finances.

9. LA Mumar – basketball star, movie star turned Pastor, good friend, sports enthusiast LA Mumar vlogs about faith, youth ministry, leadership and family.

10. Your daily Word – inspirational blogs to cheer you up, encourage and challenge you.