too busy?

sometimes I find myself saying too busy, I am too busy and I have to remind myself all the time to slow down since work will always be there.

– there will always be a preaching to prepare
– a lesson to teach
– a person to counsel
– a group to disciple
– a funeral to attend
– a marriage to officiate

Stretching your day to 28 hours won’t even solve the problem. We are just too busy. If everything is up in your head what do you do pastor?

here are some of the things I do or not do when I am too busy already.

1. Read a book not related to ministry.  Last week I read a novel by Frank Peretti and Ted Dekker. I am currently reading Hulk Hogan’s autobiography.

2. Decide to not entertain calls or prepare messages during my dayoffs.

3. Pray more.

4. Wake up earlier.

5. Exercise.