tolerance part 2

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in my blog yesterday, I mentioned that when men fail to lead – the nation crumbles. When you look at Nehemiah – you could clearly see the major reason for the decline was the SIN OF TOLERANCE.


When Tobiah – archenemy of Nehemiah was brought back to church/church leadership – nobody questioned. Reason could be is that they don’t want Tobiah to get offended. One of the pastors even gave him a room and use the tithes of the church to support Tobiah. How did this happened – TOLERANCE.

They were thinking more of how Toiah will feel rather than thinking how God would feel. They would rather offend God than Tobiah.

Reminded me of instances in church where I know I have offended people ( not because I want to) but because they offend God.

A couple came to me once asking for prayer.

ME: what do you want me to pray for?

MAN: Our relationship – that God would bless it.

ME: So you guys are married?

MAN: No (with a weak smile), but we want God to bless our relationship.

ME: I can’t pray for you guys.

COUPLE: (looks weirdly at me)

ME: Before I could pray a blessing over you guys – you have to get married first. Do you want me to marry you?

MAN: well…uh…. it is not yet the right time for us.

ME: right time? what do you mean?

MAN: financially and also we often fight.

ME: well that is why. Man, you need to be the leader of this relationship. Don’t live in together, find a job to support you (and don’t ask mama for money), and then marry this girl. if that is not your plan, then it would be wise for you guys to go on your separate ways.

We can’t commit the sin of Adam when Eve was eating the fruit he was silent. He did not do what he was supposed to be doing. Fighting and protecting the women.

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