Three Powerful Lessons A Son Learned from His Dad


I officiated a wedding last Saturday morning of my friend Christian Bobis Neslie. During the ceremony, they took the time to honour and respect their parents which are an awesome thing to do during weddings.

Christian honored his dad who was a single dad because his mom passed away. Christian mentioned three things that he admired about his dad that touched all the people in the room.

1. Dad, thank you for your INTEGRITY. 

I know all the missed opportunities to be richer and to be promoted but, you told us that a good name is better than all those lost opportunities that would put our family name on a bad light.  His integrity is of greater value than all the riches the world can offer.

2. Dad, thank you for being responsible and working hard.

Being a single dad, his dad worked hard to put his son to college. He showed what real manhood is by working even when his wife is no longer around. It takes great courage and supernatural strength to live daily without the wife of your youth, but he did not let the loss of his spouse a reason he is also giving up on life.

3. Dad, thank you for being a one woman man. 

His dad still celebrates his wedding anniversary every year with his sons. It was to remember and honor the woman whom he loved and given his life. Such a classic example of unconditional love that I hope will be emulated by men today.