this whole sex video scandal is…..


making me realize how as men we have seized to become dangerous. Gone are the days when men would honor women and treat them with utmost respect.

When a doctor confesses and says he is remorseful that the video was leaked to media – makes me want to shout “ARE YOU MISSING THE POINT” It is not the video leak that you need to be remorseful about – it is your disrespect to women.

When men becomes less dangerous – we shift to conquering the wrong things like weak willed women, internet pornography and our lustful desire.

Instead of changing the world – we shift to conquer the different levels of WORLD OF WARCRAFT.

Instead of pursuing women – we shift to looking at them in our laptops and lust over them because we are scared of the real thing.

Instead of looking for ways to earn money and provide for our family – we watch TV and make our butts fatter.

We have been emasculated, tamed and domesticated.

We have lost the art of being dangerous.dsc00182

We have dropped the ball or if I may say LOST OUR BALLS.

Tonight I had the privilege to speak to 20+ men of our church and challenge them to embrace real biblical manhood. To be more forceful and dangerous. To take responsibility and be more pro-active. To stop playing trivial games and enlist themselves to change the city.

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