The Volunteer Goal


For the past two years we have literally survived with a very thin church staff. We have designed church to be this way to give people an opportunity to volunteer and serve Jesus – the highest privilege given to man.

In our first year – I remember having only me and our admin Sheryn on the payroll. No office, no phones, no printers. We miraculously made it to year two. And now we are entering year 3 with 3 admin staff, 4 pastors, and 2 campus missionaries.

How was that possible?

VOLUNTEERS. 250+ volunteers for the last two years. Some who helped early on in our church plant and others who decided to stay and build the church in Greenhills.

Tomorrow we are launching our Annual Volunteer’s Sunday. Our goal is to enlist 500 volunteers for this year. It means double the volunteer base. Sounds ambitious but I know we can make it happen.

Volunteers is our life blood. Church is never a one man show. Church was never about the preacher. It is each part doing its work to fulfill the big picture: TO HONOR GOD AND MAKE DISCIPLES.

Why do we need 500 volunteers? Here is how the future would look like in Greenhills for the next year:

1. Additional Worship Service – we are almost 80% full in both our services. Our kids church facility though recently expanded has almost reached full capacity. The church is getting bigger and the only solution is to add more services.

2. Creative Ministry – we are launching our creative ministry tomorrow. Our goal is to have an excellent worship service that would reach the unchurched people of San Juan and the neighboring cities. We can’t have church as usual. We must do whatever it takes to reach the lost and if it means being more creative ( stage design, props, videos) then we are going to do it!

3. Church Plant in 2011 – our vision is to be a church planting church which means we have to gear up for the future church plants which also means we might have to send out some of our best volunteers to help plant a church.

I am excited for tomorrow’s service. If you don’t have a ministry yet – it’s time for you to sign up and make a difference!

PS: Pastor Paolo’s blog on volunteers is a must read, click here

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