the train will arrive in 2 minutes

I was at the Hong Kong airport when I noticed a sign that says the train will arrive in 2 minutes.

The same thing happened when i was in the MTR when the sign the train will arrive in 2 minutes. Then after a minute, it informs us that the train will arrive in a minute.

After a minute it does arrive as promised. WOW. Makes you think why Hong Kong and other neighboring countries are prospering and attracting a lot of investors. It makes me think about church as well. What if the church operates the same way.

To start on time and end on time. To show respect by respecting people’s time. When we say we start at 9am, I hope we do start 9am as promised.

Makes you also wonder why a lot of people are skeptical when it comes to the Christian faith. Maybe because we can’t be trusted with time.

Makes you wonder why they the 2nd coming is not as big as it is and that preaching that Jesus is coming soon doesn’t struck a cord to someone who doesn’t go to church.

Maybe because they think Jesus will be late

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