The prayer that reunited a family ( stories from the fast)


First Sunday of this month I was with my Mama and my younger brother at our Victory-church in Greenhills when the pastor shared a message that this year will be the  “Year of the Lord’s favor” (Year of double-double) he challenged and encouraged us to start writing our personal faith goals.

And so I started writing the things I believe God will do in and through my life in this year. On top of my list was for my Mom and my Dad, since they gave their lives to Christ 3 years ago (although they were still separated) before I went to full-time ministry, my prayer for them was to be closer to God and be more active in their churches.

One year old Christian
I remember when I was just a one year old Christian and they both don’t have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ yet, they’ve decided to be separated and not live together because my Dad was womanizing, gambling and doing drugs.  My Mom was so sick and tired with him and had to hide from some people she owed money from. Back in those days.,we have our own house in Q.C. before, businesses here and there, We have a car and we’re all going in good schools. We are well-provided in a way. All of those we’re gone because of a lot of reasons.

And so they asked me “Kanino mo gusto sumama?” I was just a one year old Christian back then so “on fire” for God, I did not chose either of them because I don’t want to be away from God , I know that I would be far from church. And so I had to stop school and believe God will provide for me. I just kept on serving God and believing that one day He will get me back to school.Those years we’re never easy but it has built my faith and helped me trust Him more. I thank the Lord that He graciously helped me and provided me people who helped me in my “walk with Christ”. For the last two three years, my dad was in Ormoc, my mom and my younger brother in Bicol and my sister in Korea as a church worker. while I was in Laos as a missionary.

God, are you really real?

I can still remember one time I was so hungry, my stomach and pockets we’re empty that I don’t have even a peso. I started doubting God, and challenged Him, “ God if you are really true and alive please prove yourself real to me, let me know you’re still there.

Prove yourself real to me”. 3 days after that Lord provided people who helped me get back to school while still working for my everyday living. Until I graduated, It was not easy but He was there carrying me all the time.

The unexpected phone call

It was last Sunday (January 9,2011) @ 6:00  pm just right after our 2nd service in our Victory-Greenhills church when I had a phone call that has really blown me away! My Dad called me to say the good news that he and my Mom wants to be together again!

“Magkakabalikan na sila!” At first I kinda’ doubt it but when I talked with my Mom and confirmed it,  I was so happy during that time, and can’t help myself but cry during the worship time,I started sharing it to my pastor and friends in church. I started tweeting and for the last 4 days I’ve had the same shoutout which had the most numerous number of “likes (97) and comments(73) ” in facebook combined. I want to thank all of the people who stood with us in prayers. It was very encouraging to know that we are one big family (We rejoice, cry, celebrate, condole and pray with one another)  Thank you for your prayers. After 7 years we will all be together again as one family!

That night, hindi po ako nakatulog. I couldn’t help myself but cry, pray and thank God for His great love, mercy, grace and faithfulness. I was never expecting that it’s still possible. All I was asking God was about ministry. How long would he want me to stay here in the Philippines and where would He want me to go next (I was praying between Indonesia and East Timor).

I have nothing else to ask God for, what else, maybe for my future family, hehehe! So in response I want to serve him more, This morning I’ve said yes in going to East Timor, one of the last 2 nations where we don’t have an Every Nation church yet.

Never limit God

God has blown me away, He never fails to amaze me and be awe of His greatness, amazing love and mercy, of “who he is and who he will be”. From now I won’t limit Him.
Was it about me? Was it because I’m a missionary? I don’t think so. It’s not because “malakas ako kay God”. It‘s not about me. Never was and never will be, and it’s definitely not about us, not about what we can do. It’s all about Him.His plans and purposes in and through our lives. I have nothing to boast but Him. I have nothing to offer but worship. And to all my brothers and sister Let’s continue to believe God for miracles, signs and wonders, don’t be like me. let’s not limit our great, loving, magnificient, wonderful, glorious and ever gracious God and Father. He is our great Promise-keeper, His grip on us is very strong that He will never leave us , He will never forsake us. – Hebrew 13:5

And from my inmost being, heart, mind and soul. Thank you Lord! Maraming maraming salamat po Panginoon!

can’t wait to post our complete photo again here next time…. 😉