the power of team leadership

I am a believer of team leadership. This is not to say that I always put the blame on my team when things go wrong but it is knowing when to share the load of leadership to achieve greater results. I have blogged time and time again on team leadership but last night was another testament that team leadership works.

I had a wonderful time with the pastoral team of our church in Victory Cagayan de Oro. They are sending two pastors to our school of church planting this June. Pastor Auggie (30 years old) is leading the church,  lay pastors Ivor (26), Pastor Ivan (32) who is their administrative pastor and Pastor Job their youth pastor is only 23 years old composed the team in CDO.

While discussing their philosophy of leadership, I was amazed that they are really supportive of each other. Pastor Auggie is the first among equal while the rest of the team supports him in the preaching, counselling and discipleship load of the church. Our church is currently expanding and with young, innovative, focus, passionate and HUMBLE leaders I am excited how God is going to move in our church in CDO.

One of the things that God impressed on me as I went home was that the same spirit I see here in the pastoral team ( spirit of unity, support, I’ve got your back) is the same spirit that I need to continue to cultivate in my own church and I hope every pastor gets the same spirit that the team here have.

To my pastoral team in Greenhills – I can’t wait to go back and work with you guys. Let’s keep the spirit of unity, support and humility growing in our team.

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