The Pastor’s Worst Nightmare


You might be wondering if pastors still experience nightmares after being saved, sanctified and justified by God. Well – as humans we still do. As a pastor to your flock – surely you will still encounter people who would really test your commitment to the end (or till Jesus comes) This blog is not a complaint. We knew this even before we entered ministry. As what my  look a like actor Piolo Pascual says ” It comes with the territory”. So here are the pastor’s worst nightmare.

TOP 10 PASTOR’S WORST NIGHTMAREim_your_worst_nightmare_tshirt-p235037850990060494us19_400

10. To be approached by helpless people for spiritual advice and help but in reality don’t want one.

9. To be manipulated by the big tithers in church to support their point of view or suggestions.

8. To be so busy doing ministry we forgot that we need to spiritual leaders

7. To neglect our family for ministry because everybody wants our time

6. When members label their kids as pastor’s kid and expect them to act like adults when they are still KIDS!!!!

5. To be spiritually empty and still tasked to give something to the flock.

4. To be surrounded with people whose job is to oppose God’s dream for reaching the city.

3. To be pressured to produce the numbers

2. To be surrounded by YES men and women

1. To wake up one morning and realized he has lost his love for Jesus.

PS: Pastors are an endangered species in this age. To those reading this blog, please pray for your pastors and encourage them. Run with them, fight with them, dream with them. Do whatever it takes to honor your pastor whether you like how he does ministry or not.

PS2: To Victory Greenhills pips: thanks for being such a loving and considerate flock. I am blessed to pastor the Greenhills church. Let’s keep the fire burning. Pray for us pastors every single day.

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